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Duda Jadrijevic

Are our leaders smarter than a 5th Grader?

As I’m sitting there next to a woman and youngster, I couldn’t help noticing that the youngster was drawing on a piece of paper, “Haley for President.”  As you know, I’m a positive talk radio host and do not cover political new...

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Welcome new hosts!

If you missed the first few new shows don't worry! These ladies will be with Transformation Talk Radio for quite a while. We are sending the warmest of welcomes to 3 new shows and 4 new hosts.    You can tune in to Spiritual Diagnostics Radio with Carol ...

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The Power of Perserverance: A Personal Message Fr...

Dr. Pat did a special show in light of the recent event in Orlando. This show is dedicated to all those who are suffering and affected by the horrific acts. Something that has come up from this is a new campaign Dr. Pat started to #StopHate2016 There is so much hate circulating o...

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Pat's Picks!

 We all go through a funk now and then and if you live in the Pacific Northwest it may happen every winter when we go months without quality sunshine. There are some great scientific ways and holistic supplement ways that have been proven to boost happiness but I am going to...

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Barbara Savin on Allowing Ourselves to Heal

  In a world full of criticism and negativity, it's important to overcome what other people may think of you. I'll u...

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Living a Meaningful Life by Way of Author Chaney ...

        In a world full of criticism and negativity, it's important to overcome what other people may...

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Three Things Great Parents Do Differently by Dr. ...

Parents find that most of the time they think their kids require something of them and they actually don’t. If you’re having guilt and shame because you’re putting your kids in front of the TV...

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