The Dr. Julie Show All Things Connected

Tuesdays 12pm pt 3pm et - The Dr. Julie Show will explore the interconnection of life within our selves, spirit, humanity, nature, and the sacred whole of creation. Dr. Julie is joined by visionary leaders and change-makers from around the world, to explore what's emergent with the environment, spirituality, relationships, health, the arts, education, and the evolution of consciousness. Recognizing breakdowns lead to breakthroughs, The Dr. Julie Show will journey through infinite possibilities; expand into human and social potential; and find beautiful beginnings where endings leave off. Weekly segments with David Ison and the Chakra Sound System will provide an opportunity for listeners to deepen into integration and wholeness. Join Dr. Julie Krull and explore All Things Connected reclaim your creative power, restore natural balance, and make the connections that will revolutionize your world.More information.