Kristi Borst's Healing Resonance

Are you ready to change Are you ready to release trauma or negative attitudes that are making you sick emotionally or physically Are you ready to heal

Everyone has the innate ability to heal themselves. Unfortunately, on some level we've lost touch with that aspect of ourselves. Kristi has been fortunate to have reconnected with that "resonance" and can assist individuals in jump-starting their own healing on an emotional, etheric andor physical level. Through this Divine "gift," she connects to clients globally through GodUniversal Energythe Unified Field whatever name you give that essence which gives and sustains life. By Kristi's holding a space of love and peace, you effortlessly connect to your own healing resonance, often immediately. The energetic and perspective shifts that working with Kristi offers can be life-changing. She refers to her methodology as a Perspective RebootSM.
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