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A Network Changing Lives - Transformation Radio Expansion

The expansion of Transformation Radio Network will happen in two main phases. The first being the launch of 10 unique channels all dedicated to positive talk radio. These channels will have live streaming content 24/7 professionally produced by Transformation Radio team members using the latest technology not yet available anywhere ele.

transformation radio channels

The second phase of the expansion will open up an entire podcasting arena for those who want to utilize our technology to produce high-qulity content for themselves while leveraging our distribution models to reach more people than simply doing this on their own. Imagine thousands of experts getting to share their message to those who need it the most.

positive talk podcast

The Technology Behind It All

TransformationRadio.FM Technology is designed to reach people across the globe instantly through all forms of media. Whether you are on your smart phone, in your car, or on your computer or even Xbox, you can receive instant messages, content, articles, updates via social media in real-time as our hosts deliver it. Now you don't have to go searching for this content, the content is going to find you. The hosts and listeners can interract with each other, sharing messages and thoughts. People all over the world can get expert advice and guidance whether they are tuning in live or not.

advanced radio technology

Getting The Funding

With the proper funding through A Better World Crowdfunding campaign, we will be able to accelerate the completion of these two phases. Not only will we reach more people, but over-head costs will be reduced and that savings will be paid forward to our hosts. This begins the end of having to pay thousands of dollars just to share a positive message.

Some of our incredible expert hosts who will benefit from your contributions!

transformation radio hosts
Katya Difani - Herban Wellness