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Guest Profile

Joanne Chen

As a Transformational Life Coach and Intuitive, Joanne Chen supports service-oriented professionals who are ready to free themselves from convention and perfection to share their divine gifts in the world with purpose and impact. Working with Joanne helps people live with clarity and access their creativity, intuitive wisdom, and confidence.

An Asian American immigrant not quite fitting into the model minority role, Joanne broke out of her conventional background to create her own unique path, which allows her to share her gifts in the world. She is here to help people who desire to play big and powerfully in the world, to break out of the status quo so that they can experience the freedom of being their true selves. For over 20 years Joanne went on a path of personal and spiritual discovery. She’s been on three paths simultaneously: corporate, spiritual, and creative. Throughout her career she had served others in human development roles, such as university teacher, training facilitator, elearning developer, and speech coach. At the same time, she had her other foot on the spiritual path, studying meditation, consciousness, mindfulness, going on adventure after adventure, including shamanic vision quests. On her third path as a creative, she did theatre, music, improv comedy, and public speaking in Toastmasters . It was a combination of logic and intuition that helped her navigate her personal journey of transformation, which has enabled her to help others design their own paths. Her approach is pragmatic, direct, and intuitive – connecting with the mind and heart while combining multitudes of approaches and tools. Joanne will help you cut to the core of the issue that you are grappling with. She helps people see and accept the truth of who they are so that they can step out courageously into the world as their powerful selves. 

Joanne holds a Coaching for Transformation Certification from Leadership That Works and a Career Intuitive Coaching Certification from Sue Frederick. She is also a True Purpose® Trained Coach. In addition, she has a B.A. in History (of Science) from UC-Berkeley and an M.A. in Sociology from Rutgers University.


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