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  09/25/2015      01:00 pm

Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes: Can I Really Trust Joy to Lead My Life? with C. Rhalena (Lena) Renee

Guest Profile

C. Rhalena (Lena) Renee

C. Rhalena (Lena) Renee

C. Rhalena (Lena) Renee, Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Storyteller, traveled her own path of resurrecting the divine within from the cultural expectations of over giving and over responsibility. Her deep desire to serve had to be balanced by revealing and celebrating the sacred feminine. Tapping into what brought her joy was the key and helped her follow the trail of her true path and purpose. Lena now weaves this joy with her gifts of healing, teaching and storytelling. She understands how to use her gifts to serve in a way that truly serves her own spirit. C. Rhalena Renee offers her gifts to the world through personal healing sessions, workshops, circles and her new book, Choices for Joy. Find out more about her at and