Soul Expansion with Andrew Martin

The Return of Sovereignty - A Soul Expansion Series

This 3 part series facilitated by Andrew Martin begins on Sunday, June 4th at 12PM ET
Sessions are a combination of energy work, psychic impressions, intuitive guidance, and interactive Q&A for the group.

Attendees may join via their computer, mobile device, or dial in via telephone.

Dates: Sunday, June 4th, 11th, and 25th. Each session runs from 12PM – 2PM ET (9am - 11am pacific)
Tickets may be purchased for each session individually or as a package at a discounted rate.

June begins another phase of bifurcation. Every time we go through one of these corridors, those of us who are consciously on our path open to an even higher level of awareness. Because we are actively choosing to move towards truth, unity, and freedom we see an energetic lightening of our experience. Those of us who are still in denial or fear see an even deeper entanglement with the illusions that are present in the limiting programs of the 3D school. All of us at some point will spiral up out of lower density. However the Return to Sovereignty requires a level of integrity that some have not yet achieved. These points of bifurcation are not a reward or a punishment, they are simply a transition to the next level of our evolution. Some of us will continue to learn through pain, fear, and separation. Some of us have chosen to delete the suffering/struggle programs and learn through the expressions of joy, ease, abundance, and love. The Return to Sovereignty sets us free from the manipulated matrix of the 3D school and honors our emergence as a multidimensional, galactic, being.

This series consists of 2 hour sessions on Sundays from 12PM – 2PM ET
An MP3 recording of each session will be provided to participants after each call so they can review the information and re-immerse themselves in the powerful energy work whenever they desire.