Opportunities to Work with Dr. Glenna Rice

A two day clinic for bodies – with Dr. Glenna Rice



Would you like to be a question with anything that comes up in your body or life? Join Glenna for 4 special 3 part 90-minute *live* telecalls, where you can ask all of your questions and receive facilitation and processes to create change in any area. In addition to the live classes, you will also receive audio and written clearings from the calls.

Join any 3 month series for $225USD or all 12 months for $800USD - Global pricing also available
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The class of Choice of Possibility is where you begin to see what is actually possible for you because of the difference you are and how to be that with greater ease.

As you begin to recognize how different you are, you start becoming aware of the choices that you make, the choices you would like to make, and what you would like to generate as your life with ease.

What else would you like to add to your life? And what catalyst for change could you be in the world if you unleashed the real you?

What if YOU are the possibility you’ve been looking for?