Silver Gaia Radio - New energy has made its mark...illuminate the human race!: Walking Your Authentic Truth with special guest Crystal Stone

This show Brie and Stephanie with Special guest Crystal Stone owner of Crystal Voyage Metaphysical Store in Tacoma Washington. Crystal is here to share her personal journey to enlightment. Crystal Voyage is a center of self-disovery..learn who you are, follow your path to wholeness and become a beacon of light to those you encounter, just by living your truth and honor of your natural attributes.  We all have a different course and all are endowed with gifts...and they are all different. choise your natural abilities, cherish and cultivate those that will serve your soul's purpose.

Episode giveaways: Thankful Thursdays 15% off at Crystal Voyage located in Tacoma Washington


Dr. Brie Gibbs

Silver Gaia Radio with Host Brie Gibbs - New Energy has Made its Mark....Illuminate the Human Race!   Thursdays at 1pm pacific / 4pm eastern AND NOW on the 2nd and...

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Stephanie Sills

Stephanie is a certified goddess light lemurian shamanic healer and crystal healer. She is intuitively guided in working with ET energies and the elementals, clearing energy...

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Crystal Stone

Crystal Stone is the owner of Crystal Voyage, located in Tacoma, WA and is here to help guide your personal journey of awakening and raising your personal vibration! Tap int...

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