Spirit Fire Radio: Cultivate Consciousness in Everyday Life with Hosts Steve Kramer & Dorothy Riddle: The Practice of Living Awareness, Step 1: Smile! Our Guest is the dynamic nutritionist, Laurie Warren

We begin our exploration of the steps within our meditation practice. "Smile" is the first step and it is all about appreciation. Appreciation is fuel, and when you begin to appreciate your intention for well-being, it makes you smile! Speaking of beginnings and fuel... how can you start your day off with a smile? By fueling it with the proper food. Our special guest is nutritionist, Laurie Warren. We'll be discussing ways to launch yourself into a new day, a new intention, a new YOU. The body is a reflection of the state of our being... make your cells smile in support of creating something new!


Steve Kramer

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Laurie Warren

Laurie Warren has been studying the principles of health and nutrition for over 15 years and graduated from the University of Bridgeport with a Master's of Science degree in...

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