Masters Chambers with Host Connie Pheiff - Getting Better Together: Leading Millennials (and everyone else)

The 21st Century Workplace offers unprecedented opportunity for creative, passionate people. It offers an equally great responsibility for managers and leaders. founder Chris Taylor has spent the last 5 years interviewing the leading minds in 21st Century leadership. His insights may surprise you.

After listening to today's show you will rekindle your passion for work. If Chris Taylor and Connie Pheiff does their job during this interview correctly, you will spark ideas to bring back to you workplace... today!


Connie Pheiff

Masters Chambers - Getting * Better * Together Connie Pheiff, is an  Emotional Engagement stylist and  female radio host of Masters Chambers syndicated radio. Th...

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Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a writer, entrepreneur and speaker. He spends his daylight hours helping consultants and employees alike find meaning in their work and discover rich team re...

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